Grimoire is growing day by day. Even I started alone, some contributors helps me now.

Also you should have prepared to join our community. We introduce you what community can do for you and what you can do for community.

First of all,Welcome to the community of Grimoire.js

Communication tools

We are using these communication tool to help others. Our community have to be open and friendly.

All kind of works must be appriciated.
The new contributor who made PR for a typo should have possibility to produce new feature in future. We should thank to every contributor every time.


If you are struggling bugs, please see github.
Please don’t hesitate to send issues or PRs. Every users who won’t hesitate to do that is important to us.

If that bugs are made from plugins, you should post the issue on each plugin repository. If you are not able to determine which plugins are cause, please rise that issue on core repository.

If you can determine the cause of the bug, you can find plugin repository from the URL below.

Github organization


We use slack for communicating with the other contributors.

You can register this team from the URL below

Slack Status

What is the thing that community can do for you?

Receiving supports

You can find your problem in Github or ask the others with slack.
Your problem can be a bug of library. Discussing about the problem is helpful for maintaining library.

What is the thing that you can do for the community?

Reporting bugs

Reporting bugs are welcome. You can rise an issue on Github.


Our documents are written in markdown. And it is managed in the repository below.

You can send PR to write document or edit from the link(Edit this page on Github) at the bottom of the page you want to edit.

And most of core contributors are not native English speaker. We know some of our document can be make no sense.
If you could, please report that or send us PR.

That would be helpful for us.

Contribute to codes

As with any project, there are rules to contributing. Please see the in the core library repository.
This guide includes how to setup build environments and rules to contribute

Any projects managed by our organization also follows this guideline. Even you want to make your own plugin, it is desired to follow this guideline.

Contact organizer

If you need to contact organizer of this project because of the reasons below, please email me.

  • You are media need to interview me
  • Asking me to give a presentation for this project.
  • Offering any help for our project
  • Any other things you think you need to contact directly.
i.kakeru@<domain of this webpage>